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We can print the flag for you at first for free, and then send the photo to you.
If you think the photo is OK, We can continue.
Custom Flags Maker
  •  Free Samples And Free Design
  •  12 Month Warranty
  •  We can print the flag for you at first for free, and then send the photo to you. If you think the photo is OK, We can continue.
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feather flags
feather flags
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High-Quality Personalized Flags
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
When you order from Star Flag Maker, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer. Here are no third-party fees, no markup prices, and no delays in processing. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience and the finished product!

★ Product Details ★

Custom Flags: 2x3ft/3x5ft/4x6ft/5x8ft ↓

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Custom Porch Flags With Poles ↓

Custom Flags

Custom Feather Flags With Poles: 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 18ft↓

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Custom Hand Flags With Poles: 5'x8', 8'x12', 12'x18'↓

Custom Flag Printing

Custom Car Flags With Poles: 8'x12', 12'x18'↓

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Custom Garden Flags With Poles: 12'x18'↓

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Custom Pennant Flags ↓

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★ Customer Feedback - Case #1 ★

Customer Name: Mary Uzzolino

Phone: 908.216.****

Address: *****, NJ 07081

Product Detail: 25 flags, 3x5ft, single sided

Custom Flag Printing


★ Customer Feedback - Case #2 ★

Customer Name: Terry Dolman

Phone: 08 8837****

Address: *****, Rogues Point, South Australia 5571

Product Detail: 30 flags, 1800mm X 900mm, single sided

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★ Customer Feedback - Case #3 ★

Customer Name: Lori Boyer

Phone: 530-566-****

Address: *****, Apt 14 Chico, CA 95928

Product Detail: 125 flags, 2x3ft, double sided

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Feather Flags
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No minimum required
We happily accept orders of all sizes., Whether you're looking for a single flag or you want to order thousands, we can complete your order.
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Our custom flags are made from tried- and- tested, 100% polyester to ensure maximum durability in all types of weather conditions.
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Reinforced double stitching
All of our flags are hemmed on every side and feature a reinforced header to ensure they fly proudly in even the strongest winds.
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UV-resistant inks and dyes
Our professional, vibrant ink fully saturates the flag material with the help of a dye sublimation printing process. The result is a flag that features a weather, fade, and abrasion-resistant image.
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Single sided or double sided flags
Single sided flags are a great budget option, while double sided flags utilize three separate layers to ensure your image looks the exact same on both sides.
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Full color printing at no extra cost
Digital printing and dye sublimation utilize cutting edge technology to create sharp, striking results without any additional costs for multiple colors.
Specializing in Custom Flags 
Decades of flag making experience
Star Flag Maker has been manufacturing custom flags since 1996. We use the latest printing technology in silk screen and dye sub printing.

Our flag fabricators are among the best in the flag industry. Many of our team members have been making flags for over 30 years. Due to our extensive experience and use of innovative technology, we are proud to say that we supply flags to happy customers all over the world!

We're different than other flag manufacturers because we have:

  • Highly skilled flag makers
  • Motivated house designers
  • Top of the line printing technology
Single Sided Versus Double Sided Flags
Which one should you choose?
Which flag you choose will depend on how you plan to use your flag. Your decision can greatly affect the lifespan and long-term quality of your flag. Continue reading below to learn more about the differences between single sided flags and double sided flags.
Single Sided Flags
A single sided or reverse flag (also known as a one-layer flag) is only printed on one side.

If the flag is screen printed or dye sublimated, the dye will bleed through to the other side of the cloth and the image will be shown in reverse on the back.

The extent to which the image will be visible on the back of the flag depends on the thickness of the material and the printing process you choose.

A single sided flag is the most common choice at Star Flag Maker because it costs less than a double sided flag. Single sided flags are also much lighter than double sided flags, which means they will fly better in the wind.

The lifespan of a single sided flag depends on which material you choose and the weather conditions that the flag will be exposed to.
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Double Sided Flags
A double sided flag (also referred to as a three-layer flag) is actually two separate flags that are screen printed or dye sublimated and sewn together.

At Star Flag Maker, we secure all of our double sided flags with a middle layer of black-out material. This prevents the opposite side of the flag from being visible in bright lighting conditions.

With double sided flags, both sides will read correctly because the dye does not bleed through. Double sided flags are more expensive than single sided flags because more material and dye is needed to produce them.

Please keep in mind that a double sided flag will weigh twice as much as a single sided flag, which can be a huge benefit in high wind areas, but it can cause the flag to sag in average conditions.

Wash Cold
Hang Dry
Iron Low
Do Not Bleach
Quick and Easy Display Options
Our flags include a wide range of options that make them quick and easy to display. From standard two half-inch grommets to sleeve pockets and rope and toggle fixtures, we have choices that are perfect for poles, clips, hooks and more.
Sharp Colorful Printing
Digital and dye sublimation printing processes use cutting edge technology to create sharp, vibrant, and striking results. These innovative printing technologies and the inks they use provide superior protection from the elements.
Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to the most frequently asked flag questions
What is the material of the flags ?
You can choose 100D Polyester/ 110g Knitted material / Nylon. We usually use Knitted material. It is common used and very durable. The Knitted material is sunproof and does not fade forever.
Do you offer other shapes besides rectangles?
Yes! No matter what shape or size you have in mind, we can make it! From circles to triangle pennant flags and everything in between, our flag makers can make it a reality.
Will the sun fade my flag?
Our inks have UV protection, which means they will resist the sun's rays, but they aren't completely UV-proof. Over time, direct sunlight can cause fading. But, without our UV protected inks, you would notice fading much more quickly.
Can I see my image on the backside on a single sided flag?
Yes! Most flags feature an 80% bleed through rate. The image will be slightly lighter on the back but will still appear crisp and clear.
Can I choose different images on the front and back?
Yes you can, as long as you choose a double sided flag. There are no extra costs associated with the additional design either! The cost will stay the same whether you use a single design or choose a different design on the front and back.
What is the lifespan of a custom flag?
Our flags have been known to last for over 2 years. They have also lasted less than 6 months, depending on the conditions and how they are treated. The average lifespan of one of our custom flags is 12 months. Leaving a flag to fly in severe conditions will cause it to wear out more quickly. Bring your flag inside each evening and in bad weather and you can prolong its lifespan.
How is my artwork printed on my flag?
We use digital and dye sublimation printing which use cutting edge printing technology to create sharp, vibrant, and striking results. These innovative printing techniques also provide more protection when the flag is flown outdoors.
Will my design cover the whole flag?
Yes it will! You can cover every inch of the flag with your custom design.
Is my flag washable?
Yes! Wash your flag with cold water on the light spin cycle.
Can I iron my flag?
Yes! You can iron your flag on low heat.
With over 30 years of experience in the flag making industry, you can rest assured that you will receive beautiful, eye-catching, high-quality custom flags that are made to your exact specifications.
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